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The Sword of Bunker Hill is a historic and patriotic side of Masonry.  It is not an appendant body, such as the Scottish Rite, Chapter or Council, but is an organization made up of Masons.

The Sword of Bunker Hill was founded October 15. 1912 in the state of Illinois by one Frank G. Taylor of Vermont.  The Grand Order, whose headquarters are in St. Louis, Missouri, was formed June 13, 1922.  At one time the order only admitted Royal Arch Masons.  On September 17, 1930 the order was opened to all Masons. The Sword of Bunker Hill is a non-dues paying organization.  The only fee required is an initiation fee.  There are no paid officers in the order.

Gaspee Order #99 was formed in 1956 by one Hartly French.  Meetings are held when there are candidates in a Lodge of Masons and an invitation is extended to Gaspee Order to initiate those Patriots.

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